How Antvibes Has Made Voice An Effective Branding Tool

With all of the constant changes in the marketing world, we’re often looking for the best new ways to properly brand our products, services, and even ourselves. Social media has certainly been a game-changer, but there’s another way to take it to the next level – give your brand a voice.


Antvibes is a company based out of Waterloo’s tech hub that has innovated and taken branding in a new direction. Their Audible Tags are brief voiced clips that allow brands to further explain a product or service at point of sale, and even offer personal information as an email signature.

While the mere mention of QR codes can cause some marketers to shudder, Antvibes has found the perfect way to use them to their proper potential –  by placing the QR code on advertisements, products, cards, etc, users can scan it via their smartphone and hear the voiced message. There is no limit to where a brand message can be placed. Tags can also work online, anywhere a link or image can go.

Click here for an example, and hear how a DSLR camera was given a voice so buyers could learn more about it, right on the spot. Another great example are the tags created by Versado Wine – they’ve used the power of voice and mobile marketing to give customers information about the different wines they offer. Have a listen to this one, for their 2010 Versado Malbec.

For more information on Audible Tags, visit


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